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    "What does the word refugee mean?"

    Asif, Syrien

  • Image 02

    "At this moment my neighbor's soul flies past us."

    Batool, Syrien

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    "I could not be silent, so I had to leave my country."

    Firas, Syrien

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    "How can a person be illegal?"

    Napuli, Sudan

  • Image 05

    "We Syrians are more or less left to us here in Turkey."

    Yamen, Syrien

  • Image 06

    "Where tyranny and corruption prevail, there is no right of the citizen."

    Alkurdi, Palästina

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    "I am a medical student."

    Almuthana, Syrien

  • Image 08

    "I do not regard myself as a foreigner in Germany."

    Bahram, Syrien

  • Image 09

    "Refugees do not have a Tuesday."

    Shahab, Iran